2022/11/22 - 02:08

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3 minute introduction to RoadMusic comments by Peter Sinclair and Atau Tanaka - Video Willy Legaud
Video by Willy Legaud, Marseille, Callelongue, France, during Festival Revox at GMEM - Workshop with Atau Tanaka, Andrea Cera, Guillaume Stagnaro, Charles Bascou, Mathias Isouard et Marine Quiniou
Video by Solange Grenna, Marseille France, November 24th 2010 (Marseille Innovation, Hôtel Technologique)
Vidéo by Mériol Lehmann, Avatar, Quebec on feb 13th 2010, duration 15 minutes, no editing.
Video by Peggy Arraou, shot during a residency at Rhizome-Lijiang art center" in Yunnan, China in September 2009.

mp3 audio recorded Marseille nov 24th 2010