2022/11/22 - 02:08

How it works

The vibrations mesured by the acclerometers are continuously written into lookup tables (one for each axis) then read as audio (wavetable oscillators) this means that while pitch (the tune) is defined algorythmically within the program the timbre of the sounds varies continuously in relation to the road surface vibrations of the motor or other larger movements of the car. Movements of the car are analyzed and categorized to distinguish bends, accelerations, decelerations, bumps in the road and hills, these events are used to trigger variations on sequences which are automatically generated when ever the car marks a halt. The music played is never the same, not only are the melody rhythm etc automatically generated at each pause in the cars movement but driving the car creates endless variations on that tune and the parameters of the sounds that play it. The timbre comes from the road surface and the car itself. Variations in light are interpreted continuously as variations in pitch amplitude etc. and panned in the stereo field according to their visual position. Color levals are mesured and changes in the dominant color detected and mapped to sound.