Rant (2003-2004)

2022/11/22 - 02:08

Rant/RantBack/BackRant, GH Hovagimyan et Peter Sinclair

There are two performers; the ranter and the processor. In English the word rant means (verb) to talk in a noisy, excited or declamatory fashion or (noun) a bombastic, extravagant speech. The processor listens to the ranter and grabs live audio which he outputs to loud speakers. The ranter hears the processed sound clips and responds. The performance can be likened to to a musical jam session using digital signal processing.
In society you often see ranters on the street. They talk about the current events or shout about people in power etc. They often speak the truth. We listen with one ear while pretending not to hear. The two performers process the information in a feedbackloop, in real time. What then is the content ? It's information gleaned from TV, newspapers, conspiracy theories, hearsay, paranoid delusions etc.

Presented at "La Gaîté de Paris" September 2003, Split New Media Festival - Croatia September 2003


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