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RoadMusic revisits the common experience of listening to music while driving in a car by replacing sounds normally provided by media - radio, cd or mp3 player by a device which produces sounds from the action of the drive itself. Gear changes, vibrations, road surface, become the instruments playing music unique to each trip.

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List of Publications + Documentation on the artistic use of sonification.

locus sonus audio in art

Locus Sonus is a research group specialized in audio art. It is organized as a post graduate lab by the Art Schools of Aix-en- Provence (ESAA), Bourges (ENSAB Villa Arson)France.

Peter Sinclair et GH Hovagimyan collaborative works

G.H. Hovagimyan is an experimental cross-media and digital artist. He is one of a number of pioneering artists in New York who began working with the internet and new media in the early Nineties. The two artists have collaborated together on several works since 1996.


Transvision (2004)
AVAD (2005)
Rant (2003-2004)
PacJap (2002)
Daisy Chain (2001-2004)
Shooter (2002)
Heartbreak Hotel (1999)
A Soa(pop)era for Imacs (1998)
Exercises in Talking (1998)
Musical Bodybuilding
Barcode Music (1997)
La Fée Eléctrique (1994-1997)
A Song of Yearning (1993)
Cosy Disco,Centre d'Art (1990)
Other Disco...
Une Heure d'Entrainement (1989)
Beau Comme Un Camion (1988)
One Man One Door Band (1987)
Peter's Possy (1986)
The Orchestra (1984-1987)
Aeolian Car Door (1984)

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