Peter's Possy (1986)

2022/11/22 - 02:08

Peter's Possy was originally built as a commissioned piece for an exhibition entitled "Les Mécaniciens de l'imaginaire" at "La Cité Des Sciences et de l'industrie de La Vilette" in Paris 1987. The pneumatically powered quartet is piloted by an industrial robot. A bass produces groaning metallic sounds when industrial sized, stretched, band saw blades are bowed with rubber inner tubes. Percussion is provided by an array of chromed car fenders. A wind instrument combining an old cooling system, stretched bicycle inner tubes, a steam iron and a nice piece of marble, produces piercing trumpet like sounds. An old upright piano has been dismantled and rebuilt to generate "prepared" sounds with the help of a model truck which rolls up and down the reconditioned keyboard cover.