Cosy Disco,Centre d'Art (1990)

2022/11/22 - 02:08

Cosy Disco is a modified caravan which unfolds into an art space: Stage, dance floor, sound system and DJ booth.
Cosy Disco was built by Jean Marc Ferrari and Peter Sinclair for the artists caravan convoy “La Caravane des Caravanes” which toured the French coast in summer 1990.

Considered by the authors as an incomplete (or rather to be completed) work of art, Cosy Disco is in continual transformation as invited artists take possession of it presenting Performances, sound art, cabarets, videos and installations. Cosy Disco's mobility has permitted presentations in diversified circumstances, the environment in which the presentation is programmed playing an important role in determining what is presented.

La Caravane des Caravanes 1990.

Printemps de Bourges 1992.

Guy André Lagesse. Cosy Disco a la plage. 1992

Robert Combas. Exposition Centre D’art de Séte 1994

GH Hovagimyan, Port MIT, boston USA 1996(en CU See Me depuis ESBA Aix en Provence).

Cosy Disco/Centre d'art benefited from an arts council grant: Commande Publique - Drac languedoc Roussillon, France.
Voix Guy Andre Lagesse